O K Gold Con Photography

  1. Shironuri 6 : The Living Waters

    Shannycat Cosplay & Cunning Costuming


  2. Other private shoots I never uploaded • Animaritime 2014

    Kouga • Cunning Cosplay


  3. Animaritime 2014 • Fredericton NB

    3/5 • Pichu & Raichu by Cunning Costuming & Shannycat Cosplay

    Magnemite by me GoldPhoto 


  4. tyler743 said: I love your photos they're really good! I was at animaritimes but sadly didn't see you. What tips(big or small) would you give to someone who wanted to achieve great photos like yours?

    Thank you, understanding the technical side of photography will always allow you to express yourself better. Watch lots of DigitalRev and read reviews about things you don’t have on DPReview. When you’re photographing your friends use your Manual mode or get a film SLR camera from your local thrift store.

    Thanks again


  5. Animaritime 2014 • Fredericton NB

    2/5 • Shironuri with Shannycat 



  6. Animaritime 2014 • Fredericton NB

    1/5 • Around the con



  7. Halifax’s first Harajuku fashion walk  • Halifax NS Canada

    Full Album Here


  8. Shironuri 3 : Return of the Decade Long Nightmare 

    Shooting with Cunning Costuming and Shannycat at Plan B Halifax


  9. Katsucon 2014 • Part 9/10

    Cunning Costuming's Utena cosplay, it really fits the scenery at Katsucon well~♫


  10. Katsucon 2014 • Part 8/10

    Shooting Chiibiusa's adorable Chess Chocolate coord, complete with comically large metal spoon. Looking to shoot more Jfashion in the future.


  11. melshardae:

    Oh time, stop now. I’ve been completely drawn in to you. 
    I want to count out every one of your unstable heartbeats. 

    - Cendrillon

    Hatsune Miku | KAITO | Photographer

    Katsucon 2014 • Part 7/10

    My favourite cosplayer from Katsu 2013 back with another shoot~ Mel is a pleasure and her friend Meevist was especially excellent at staying still


  12. Katsucon 2014 • part 6/10

    Drow Ranger • Bindi Smalls
    Windrunner • Bohemophile Cosplay
    Rubick • Sox Cosplay and Props


  13. Katsucon 2014 • 5/10

    My shoot with real life magical girl Iris cosplay


  14. Katsucon 2014 • 4/10

    Shannycat & Cunning Cosplay, two close friends of mine


  15. Katsucon 2014 • 3/10

    My shoot with Torii