O K Gold Con Photography

  1. Shironuri 3 : Return of the Decade Long Nightmare 

    Shooting with Cunning Costuming and Shannycat at Plan B Halifax


  2. Katsucon 2014 • Part 9/10

    Cunning Costuming's Utena cosplay, it really fits the scenery at Katsucon well~♫


  3. Katsucon 2014 • Part 8/10

    Shooting Chiibiusa's adorable Chess Chocolate coord, complete with comically large metal spoon. Looking to shoot more Jfashion in the future.


  4. melshardae:

    Oh time, stop now. I’ve been completely drawn in to you. 
    I want to count out every one of your unstable heartbeats. 

    - Cendrillon

    Hatsune Miku | KAITO | Photographer

    Katsucon 2014 • Part 7/10

    My favourite cosplayer from Katsu 2013 back with another shoot~ Mel is a pleasure and her friend Meevist was especially excellent at staying still


  5. Katsucon 2014 • part 6/10

    Drow Ranger • Bindi Smalls
    Windrunner • Bohemophile Cosplay
    Rubick • Sox Cosplay and Props


  6. Katsucon 2014 • 5/10

    My shoot with real life magical girl Iris cosplay


  7. Katsucon 2014 • 4/10

    Shannycat & Cunning Cosplay, two close friends of mine


  8. Katsucon 2014 • 3/10

    My shoot with Torii


  9. Katsucon 2014 • 2/10


  10. Katsucon 2014 • 1/10


  11. goldphotog:

    Katsucon 2014

    [sweating intensifies] 

    I’ve already put together some shoots with people I already know but I REALLY want to put some smaller shoots together with people I haven’t met yet. 

    Message me, i’d be really excited to shoot with you this Katsucon! it doesn’t matter what day, lets make it happen.


  12. Hal-con 2013 • Halifax NS

    In my own little world this was the most social con I’ve ever been to. I messed around with friends, hosted some great (PACKED) panels, and did several private shoots that i’ll be posting later. Walking around and taking photos wasn’t really a part of my weekend at all. The convention’s lighting hell kept me from wasting much time on hallway photos and i’m not disappointed in the slightest, these pictures I have were just good fun. I met some great people this weekend, some of which I know for sure i’ll be shooting again.


  13. Still have some odd spots open for hal-con~ contact me if you want some free shootan~♫ That said i’ve got about 4x more private shoots than I usually do, I guess that’s what home cons are for huh? look forward to some good shots.


  14. Second go at Shironuri with Kensey & Shan. Really great shoot, we took this folding furniture pretty deep into the forest.


  15. rosieru-chan:

    Lucina || Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Lucina: Rosieru-chan (tumblr dA)

    Photographer: Jeff Bowden (tumblr | facebook)

    Taken at Otakuthon 2013.

    My shoot with Rosieru~ she was too delightful